Traveler’s Info

Health Requirements

Mozambique is a malaria zone. The tropical climate is ideal for the anopheles mosquitoes, which transmit malaria. Please use a mosquito repellent and consult your doctor about malaria medication. The area around the lodge does not contain much fresh water so we do not have many mosquitoes. A mosquito repelling machine and mosquito nets are employed to keep you comfortable. The Lodge has a freshwater supply (borehole) and bottled mineral water is supplied, the borehole water is safe but it is recommended to drink bottled water. It is very important to stay hydrated during hot days. Visitors from, or passing through a yellow fever zone require a valid International Certificate of Vaccination. Make sure to bring quality sunscreen. The sun’s radiation can be extreme here and a SPF of 50+ is highly recommended. If you are not fishing or on the boat a lower SFP will do.

Entry requirements

All visitors need a passport valid for at least six months and a visa.
Most countries require a visa to travel to Mozambique except citizens of South Africa, Swaziland, Zambia and Botswana.  There is much confusion as to whether visas may be obtained on entry, so rather obtain one in advance.
Visitors arriving by vehicle must have a valid driver’s license and the car’s original registration papers. A temporary import permit and MVA (third party) insurance (can be bought at the border) is mandatory.
It is a good idea to carry notarized copies of your driver’s license and passport.


Mozambique’s currency is the Metical (plural – meticais). As of mid-2006, the ‘metical nova família’ (new family metical) was introduced, at a rate of 1000 old meticais to one new metical. All major towns like Maputo have ATMs, often operated by Banco Internacional de Moçambique (BIM), and all accepting Visa, but not MasterCard. Mastercard holders can get cash from the Banco Austral and use Cirrus ATM’s if they have a pin.
You can change US dollars cash at most banks (though not at most BIM branches) without paying commission, and South African rands are widely accepted in southern Mozambique. Travellers cheques can be changed only at Standard Bank (minimum US$35 commission per transaction, original purchase receipt required).


Electrical power supplied is 220 volts AC (50HZ). Socket types vary from 3- and 2- pin round, so bring along a universal adapter plug if your equipment requires one.
Tri band cell phones work and a satellite phone is available for emergencies.

We offer high speed broadband internet service as a free service to all our clients. The entire lodge is covered under a Wi-Fi netword that is safe and secure.


Mozambique has a wonderful climate. The summers can be very hot but the Lodge’s position is ideal, the cool dune forest, and air conditioning, will ensure your comfort. One is very unlikely to experience multiple rainy days in a row and most of our rains come in the form of quick thunderstorms. Mozambique experiences rain mainly during November – April, while August is the driest month.